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Main Products - 
  • Ballscrew
  • Linear Guideway
  • Linear Stage
  •  Ballscrew
With capability of producing JIS CO class for ground
Ball screw, and DIN 5 class (up to 23 microns) for precision
Rolled  ballscrew.

Manucturing Capability
Supplying the ballscrew whose O.D from 4mm to 100mm,
And with Dm-N value up to 180,000.

Product Types
High speed-super S  Series, High Dm-N value ,Self - Lubricating,
Rotating Nut ,High-Load Drive, Metallic End Cap, Customized Design
and available to incorporate with cool type design.

Cool Type I Series
Cool Type II Series
E2 Series
End Cap BS
Heavy Load Drive Series
High Speed
Precision Rolled Series

  •  Linear Guideway

HG Series
-Identical load in four direction (up/down/right/left),
  self-aligning to absorb installation-error, high stiffness, high precision

EG Series
       - Self - aligning capability to absorb installation- error, suitable for the 
       high-speed automatic machines.

MG Series (Miniature Linear Guide way )
       -MGN Series : Anti - corrosion ability, compact size
       -MGW Series : Anti - corrosion ability, Wide rail, Miniature size ,High stiffness against 
        moment load

E1 Series  (Self - Lubricant Linear Guide way)
         -Saving cost  from lubricant device inside and reducing oil purchase, Maintenance Free for Long period using.

Q1 Series   (Quiet Linear Guide way  with  Ball Chain Technology) 
          - Low noise design, smooth movement, quieter operation, steady lubrication and long service life.

RG Series (High Rigidity Roller type linear guide way)
         - The Rolling element of steel ball substituted by the roller, designed for realizing the super-high rigidity and the high load ability. 

Metallic End Cap Type Linear Guide ways 
          -Well temperature resistant ability. Service temperature under 150 Deg C, and instance temperature can up to 200 Deg. 
I Series   (Intelligent Linear Guidway)
         - Integrating the linear Guidway with magnetic encoder in one unit 
           -High Stiffness from linear guidway and high precision from magnetic encoder
          - Sensor and magnetic strip inside to prevent damage from external material 
          - Non- Contact magnetic sensor ; long life
          - Long Distance Measuring (magnetic strip upto 30 m)
          - Insusceptible to harsh environment factors, such as water , oil, dust, vibration and heat

A1- Metallic End Cap Series
E2 Series
EG Series
HG Series
Stainless Steel Series
MG Series
IG Series
Q1 Series
RG Series

  •  Linear Stage

A) KA Type - 
 The linear stage KA is actuated by a Motor-driven ball screw and guided by a linear guide ways. The stage base is light-weight design in aluminum material. It is especially for semiconductor and automation industry application.

 This kit is a slider which is actuated by motor driven bearing and guided by a linear guide ways with a U-shape rail(a"U-rail"). The slider acts as the ball bearing nut and, meanwhile, the guide way block. The U-rail not only guides the movement of the slider, but also can be used as a structural component assembled into one multi-axis motion system.

Features :
- Compact size
- Light weight
- High stiffness
- Contaminant proof
- Easy to assemble

C) KS Type - 
This KS type is one of the newest motor driven ball screw module which equipped with dust proof strip to prevent the war particles flying out. Because of the dust proof design, the type of linear stage becomes the most suitable product in manufacturing for semiconductor equipment, LED examination equipment, and medical equipmen etc.

- Features :
- Low cost and compact size
- Dust-proof design
- High precision and high speed
- Easy installation
- design Optimization:
- The structure is designed for high stiffness and light weight. 

KA              KK ALL KS